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JAM boards are among the best skateboard decks in the industry. Not only is it a top-quality, hard maple deck but the graphics are designed by local artists! Read below for the artist's description of their art. So what are you waiting for? Go give the artist a follow on Instagram!


Deck Type: Skateboard

Construction: 7 Ply

Material: Hard Maple

Concave: Medium

Pro-grade quality deck

Very crisp and long lasting pop 


Artist: Briton Hainsworth @bworth227

Artist Statement: "The inspiration for this skateboard came from the concept: 'Abstraction of the Mind'.
Everyone interprets things differently, based upon their personality, likes, dislikes and past experiences. I wanted to see how many different people’s minds would interpret an abstract shape, without any prior influence. I drew a random scribble. (The one shown in the center of the board) and gave the scribble to more than 50 people on little sheets of paper to see what they would turn the scribble into. It was a fun project for a lot of people. It allowed them to express themselves and show what their mind interpreted the shape to be.
The background inspiration came as I was playing around with this painting process. I was trying a technique known as acrylic dump or flow painting, and I liked the natural abstract shapes and colors that are created. The shapes seemed to match the forms of the sketches well, so I blended the two ideas."