About Us

Welcome to the JAM familia!!! Want to get to know us? Let me tell you our story...

My name is Mario, and together with my wife Alexa, we started JAM in our basement. Now we run a good size operation and have a retail location in Provo, UT and we LOVE selling skateboards!

As a teenager, visiting my cousins in Las Vegas one summer, I learned to love skateboarding. Skateboarding became my whole world and my parents never complained because it kept me and my brother busy, outside exercising. 

As I turned 30, I had a quarter-life crisis...I felt old and out of shape. I needed to get back on a skateboard. I took my 3 year old son to buy a board. I remember walking in and having two thoughts..."Wow, these boards are soooo expensive and I can't believe the awful graphics they are displaying!!" I covered my curious son's eyes, walked out of the store, called my wife and told her, "Babe, I think we should start a skateboard company".

Nothing comes easy, and many people have helped us along the way. From our awesome suppliers, wonderful colleges, to the great professors who have partnered with us from the beginning, and of course the rad artists who keep painting and designing sick graphics- We are humbled to be doing what we love.

We are so grateful for our amazing customers who have made it possible to grow to where we are today and are excited to continue expanding. Keep on pushing guys!

With love from the JAM family to yours,

Mario and Alexa