About Us

Welcome to the JAM familia!!! Want to get to know us? Let me tell you our story...

My name is Mario Dealba, and together with my wife Alexa, we started JAM in our basement. Now we run a good size operation and we LOVE selling skateboards!

Rewind 30 years, and lets start from the beginning. Growing up, I learned from an early age the beauty of running your own business. My parents owned an English school in Spain and ever since I can remember, I always helped out- it was the family business.

At around age 15, while visiting my cousins in Las Vegas one summer, I learned to love skateboarding. I remember going out with all of our buddies to Taco Bell, getting an ice cold Coke and GSB (Grilled Stuffed Burrito), and heading down to the local skate park to spend hours on end skating with the crew. It was the life! Skateboarding became my whole life and my parents never complained because it kept me and my brother busy, outside excising. They always said it kept us out of trouble and far away from the computer and video games. 

Later in life, I went to college, got a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and went to work at John Deere making tractors. Although I learned a lot, I hated working for someone else. While working, I went back to school and studied a Master in Business. I wanted to start my own business so I figured I needed to learn first. When I finished, it was weird... I didn't feel like I could run a business at all. Someone told me I should pick something I loved and start a business around it. I would learn more by doing than sitting in a classroom.

As I turned 30, I had a quarter-life crisis...I felt old, fat, and out of shape. I needed to get back on a skateboard. I took my then 3 year old kiddo to Zumiez to buy a board. I remember walking in and having 2 thoughts..."Wow, these boards are soooo expensive and I can't believe the awful graphics they are displaying!!" I remember having to cover my 3 year old's eyes because some of the graphics were so inappropriate for kids. I walked out of Zumiez and called my wife and told her, "Babe, I think we should start a skateboard company".

Nothing comes easy, and many people have helped us along the way. From our awesome suppliers, to the great professors who have partnered with us from the beginning, and of course the awesome artists who keep painting and designing sick graphics- We are humbled to be doing what we love.

Now in this new stage of JAM, we are proud to partner with universities across the nation to sell skateboards worldwide and to bring artistic graphics that any kid can look at. We are Making Skateboarding Great Again!

With love from the JAM family to yours!

Mario Dealba