40.0 BYU - Hawaiian Longboard Deck

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Cruise in style while showing off your school spirit. Our collegiate line has all the great features of our JAM decks with the added bonus of looking fresh to death!


The BYU Hawaiian deck is ready to surf the streets. The 40" long maple deck is an official licensed college product. Show your BYU pride while riding your longboard around town.


Kid: "I want a longboard!"

Adult: "Only if it helps you think about going to college."

Kid: "JAM skateboards makes college themed longboards..."

Adult: "Cool! I used to longboard, I might get one too."


Deck: JAM 7 Ply Hard Maple 40"x9"


Official licensed product of Brigham Young University

*Actual colors may vary due to difference in monitor color outputs. We try our best to represent our products as they appear in real life.