Skateboard Rails - From Idea to Profit in 3 days

Skateboard Rails - From Idea to Profit in 3 days

It was a Sunday night, similar to any other Sunday night. I was sitting in my favorite reclining chair after putting the kids to bed. I was browsing through the local classifieds and ran into a guy that makes and sells skateboard rails! I LOVE SKATEBOARD RAILS!

The following day I had a distinct feeling I should buy some metal, dust off my welder, and try making a rail myself...After all, I am a manufacturing engineer.

I went to the local metal supply house, bought the best looking metal I could find, and started cutting and welding. 

An hour later the rail was welded. I liked how sturdy and firm it felt. When it came to paint, I decided to make it orange to give it a nice pop!

It looked pretty, and felt good, but I wasn't sure it would stand up to the rigorous grinds and abuse of young skaters. I reached out to my faithful customers Garret and Harry, and let them take it for a couple of days to give it a nice try. Their verdict???

Long story short, I made some rails Monday evening and within three days I sold two and made some profits. Now the rail is a new regular item in our little skate shop. Enjoy the videos!